Automotive Essentials Course

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This self-paced online course was fully developed by Grant, the site owner. This course is designed to provide learners with a strong foundation in automotive essentials. Learners can then start their life-long journey in advanced automotive training, as needed. Instructor support is provided many ways, including: internal messaging, email, and weekly scheduled Livestreams.

The lessons in this course are multi-media rich (text, tables, images, audio, video, PDF downloads, and YouTube video/playlists). This course contains 70 topic-specific lessons sorted into the following 13 topics:

  • Industry Terminology (6 Lessons)
  • Automotive Careers (3 Lessons)
  • Automotive Shop Types (5 Lessons)
  • Hand Tools (6 Lessons)
  • Shop Physics (5 Lessons)
  • Automotive Fasteners (8 Lessons)
  • Service Fluids (5 Lessons)
  • Diagnostic Procedures (2 Lessons)
  • Maintenance Procedures (Lessons)
  • Service Information Systems (5 Lessons)
  • Industry Training Programs (3 Lessons)
  • Industry Certifications (2 Lessons)
  • Electrical Essentials (13 Lessons)

Sample Lessons and Refund Policy

To access one full lesson from each course category, click here.

This is providing access to 18% of the course’s content at no cost. Based on this generous access to paid content, there is no formal return policy; however, those experiencing extenuating circumstances should reach out to customer support.

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