Automotive Essentials Course

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Four Stroke Cycle Terminology | Standard Bolt Identification
Motor Oil Information | Tire Sidewall Information

Features For “Gearheads”

  • This course contains 55 topic-specific lessons. At the top of each lesson are “Jump to Section” links. This makes it easy to quickly find specific information and use the course material for “just-in-time” type training.
  • This course contains 55 lessons sorted into 12 categories. Each lesson is marked as “Complete” when the lesson video is watched and the lesson assessment is scored at 75% or higher. After all 55 lessons are marked as “Complete”, a “Certificate of Completion” is available for download.
  • 55 Lesson Overview Videos
  • 182 Images
  • 78 Illustrations
  • 243 Web Links
  • 80 Embedded YouTube Videos
  • 16 Downloadable PDFs
  • Students can participate in weekly group Zoom video meetings hosted by Grant Swaim, the owner of Gearhead School.

Features for Automotive Shops

  • Use the Automotive Essentials Course for in-house training to help with the 40,000/year shortage of trained techs
  • Shops can purchase training vouchers in bulk at discounted rates and then issue them as needed to their techs.
  • For more information about In-House Training Programs, contact Grant Swaim.
  • The Automotive Essentials Course is great for new hire onboarding.
  • Document that new hires have a base level knowledge of the essentials.
  • Gearhead School offers branded training portals for larger organizations. The portal can be managed by Gearhead School or even self-managed.
  • Self-manged branded training portals support the purchasing of vouchers, enrolling employees, and the tracking of each employee’s progress.
  • For more information on a branded training portal, contact Grant Swaim.

Enroll in Essentials Course

1 year of access
  • 55 Topic Specific Lessons (Sorted into 12 Categories)
  • Each Student’s Progress is Tracked (Via Lesson Completion)
  • Certificate of Completion Awarded
  • Weekly Zoom Video Meetings
  • Easy Access to Instructor
  • Unlimited access for 1 year