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Course Feature Set and Frequently Asked Questions

  • Gearhead School is powered by the Electude Learning Management System (LMS). The Electude LMS is used in over 55 countries to deliver state-of-the-art interactive lessons and simulations in all 8 ASE areas.
  • Now individuals can access the same content used by many leading postsecondary automotive programs and receive support from a professional automotive educator.
  • Instructor support is provided over several platforms, such as Zoom Video Meetings (with screen/file share), Facebook Messenger, in-lesson comment forms, email, and phone).
  • Gearhead School also works with automotive shops to establish in-house training programs. Some services available are: controlled/timed access to content, and even custom training.

Online Delivery
The Electude lessons and simulations are delivered through a web browser. The Chrome browser is preferred, but all major browsers running the latest updates are supported. Due to the amount of information shown on screen during animations and simulations a desktop environment is preferred over a mobile platform.

On-Demand Consumption
The content in Electude is delivered by 500 lessons/simulations organized into 9 major categories. While several preferred learning tracks are identified in the program, students are free to consume any lesson in any order with no restrictions. Students will have to correctly perform all interactions on each lesson page before they can proceed to the next lesson page.

Page Tracking
Individual lessons are organized into pages. Most pages require an interaction from the student to confirm they understand the core principles covered on the given page. The student must perform all interactions correctly on each page before they can move to the next page.

The Electude LMS provides custom feedback for each wrong answer that helps to lead the student to the correct answer.

Overall Progress Tracking
The Electude LMS provides very granular progress reports for each student. Reports are available from the single lesson level up to the student’s progress within the entire program. 

Based on hard data from sources such as the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the National Center for Education Statistics, the TechForce Foundation published three papers that revealed the core problem. The reality is the number of postsecondary automotive program completers is about 50% of the industry demand.

Download a “whitepaper” on the technical shortage

A viable solution to the 50% shortage of undertrained technicians is to develop an in-house training program. In addition to providing upgrade training for the seasoned techs, a training and mentoring program for the entry level techs helps to assure stability and sustainability for your shop

Gearhead School supports in-house training programs by offering customized plans that meets the needs of each shop.

Visit the Custom Training Page for more information. 

Refunds are awarded during the first 14-days (less a $75 account creation/setup fee). This fee is due to the time and costs associated with setting up each account. 

When e-commerce is conducted on the Gearhead School website, the transaction is handled and processed by Stripe. Credit/debit card information collected on the Gearhead School website is immediately sent to Stripe using secure sockets layer (SSL) technology. User’s credit/debit card or banking information is never stored on Gearhead School’s servers.

Stripe has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available. View Stripe’s privacy and security policies for additional information.

The Electude LMS does track each student’s progress within the platform. However, postsecondary schools would most likely not count this as earned credit towards a degree.

The content in the Automotive Essentials Course is often used in 2-year A.A.S in Automotive Technology programs and it could take more than a year for some students to consume it all.

Some students may also like to use the content on Gearhead School for reference even after they have completed the course.

In either case, students can renew annual access to Gearhead School’s courses at a 50% discount. 

Automotive Essentials

Covers all 8 ASE Areas
$ 497 1 Year License
  • 490 Lessons / Simulations
  • 480+ Hours of Work
  • Certificate of Completion
  • As Needed Instructor Access

Electric/Hybrid Drive

Covers Electric and Hybrid Systems
$ 347 1 Year License
  • 46 Lessons
  • 30+ Hours of Work
  • Certificate of Completion
  • As Needed Instructor Access

Custom Programs

Managed In-House Training Programs
by quote
  • Control Content Access Per Tech
  • Customized / Private Support
  • Customized Progress Reports
  • Quantity Pricing Available