Curated YouTube Database

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The owner of Gearhead School developed the Curated YouTube Database over the last 15 years. The database began as a set of curated YouTube Playlists that were used for classroom instruction. This assured that any YouTube video shown in the classroom was topic specific and supported the subject being covered.

Every week, over 70 YouTube channels are reviewed for new topic-specific videos that qualify for the database. The YouTube videos are now indexed in a database with the following statistics:

  • 4200+ Highly Curated YouTube Videos
  • Average Video Length: 20 Minutes
  • Sorted into 206 Topic Specific Categories
  • Total play time of 1370+ hours

Subscription Details

  • All subscriptions starts with a 2 day free trial.
  • The monthly subscription can be stopped at any time.
  • Monthly Livestreams are scheduled, often with top YouTube channel owners.
  • After 12 continuous paid months, users will have lifetime access for free.

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