Our Story

Automotive Shop Owner

Grant Swaim

Gearhead School was developed by Grant Swaim, a life-long automotive gearhead. Grant started out as a line tech at a Honda dealership and after two years opened an independent Honda repair shop. At the 15 year mark, he sold the repair shop, Triad Auto Specialty, to his first two employees.

The shop continued to grow, and after three moves it had grown to a 10,000 sf 16-bay, fully air conditioned Honda shop sitting on two acres of land in Greensboro, NC. Grant has full access to this shop for research, photography, and video production.

Shop facility used for producing training material

Shop Tour (YouTube Video)

Behind: The Scenes Automotive Shop Tour | Length: 10:40

Automotive Educator

After selling the automotive shop, Grant developed a Honda drivability / OBD-II course that was delivered onsite across the country. He then took a teaching position with the NC Community College System for 17 years. After “retiring” he continued to develop training content that has evolved into Gearhead School.

Our Corporate Office / Media Production

Gearhead School’s corporate office is located ten miles away from Triad Auto Specialty shop. This is where all content is created, livestreams are produced, and customer support is handled.

This is the main work station used to create all training content
and to deliver livestream support

Multi Media Production Setup

  • Desk
    • Top – 8′ long butcher block countertop
    • Base – Two IKEA “Alex” drawer units
  • Lenovo tower PC computer mounted on the inside of the right drawer unit, 6 inches off the floor on custom brackets
  • 2 Video monitors – one mounted on an articulating arm
  • 9 Switch panel mounted vertical on the inside of the left drawer unit
  • Sound Equipment
    • RodeCaster Pro soundboard
    • Heil PR-40 dynamic microphone
    • Heil PL2T microphone boom arm
    • Mackie control room monitors (speakers)
  • 500 mbps fiber Internet
  • Elgato Key Light (larger light for main light source)
  • Elgato Key Light Air (smaller light for filling in shadows)
  • Video Equipment
    • Logitech StreamCam – For face shot (mounted on articulating arm behind the monitor)
    • Logitech HD Pro Web Cam – Mounted on movable tripod for wide angle office shots
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