The Challenges of Automotive Education

On Sep 4, 2013, MotorAge magazine hosted a panel to discuss the “shortage” of automotive repair professionals and how education plays a key role in developing of the next generation of techs. The panel was made up of the following automotive industry leaders:

  • Pete Meier – MotorAge Magazine
  • Donny Seyfer – Shop Owner
  • Scott Brown – iATN
  • Sonny Reeves – Retired High School Instructor
  • Tim Dwyer – Instructor – Oklahoma State
  • Chuck Roberts – V.P. NATEF

I think this is an honest and needed conversation and I show this video to every Intro to Automotive Tech class I teach. Some of the topics included are:

  • Is there really a technician shortage or just a shortage of highly skilled technicians?
  • What role do AYES, NATEF, and industry support play into automotive training programs?
  • Who should be encouraged to enter the automotive field and what are some of the potential career paths
  • What are some of the myths of the automotive service industry?
  • How has the automotive industry handled race and gender diversity?