The Gearhead School Story

Throughout my entire career, which included 15 years as an automotive instructor with the North Carolina Community College System, I consistently used digital technology to leverage my work.

After the book had been in publication for about 5 years and was due to be updated, I converted the book to an online format. An online course based on the book will be available by Dec 2018 on this site. Several additional online courses and products are being developed (see the Product Road Map for details) and all will be available to individuals, schools, and training directors. Schools and training directors can purchase vouchers at volume discounts.

In addition to the online products, I will also actively promote the use of digital technology within the automotive service industry. I will blog consistently about automotive digital technology and promote upcoming industry events.

My digital passion drove me to publish the book, Technology Guide for Today’s Automotive Technician, over 10 years ago. The book was designed to be used as a college-level textbook. I used the book in computer skills classes I taught and it was adopted by several other colleges.

It is my pledge to always maintain an ad-free site and narrowly focused website that promotes digital technology within the automotive service industry. There are no affiliate links. My sole source of income from this site will be from those that purchase and support my training products.

Your participation and input is key to the success of this site. I pledge to grow and evolve the site based heavily on user input; therefore, feel free to contact me with any ideas, comments, or concerns about this site.

Grant Swaim
Site Administrator