Gearhead Network is now Gearhead School

The automotive training site “Gearhead Network” is being moved over to this all new site “Gearhead School” and will be live no later than June 1, 2023.

This site is powered by a commercial grade learning management system (LMS) which supports selling automotive training to both individuals and corporate accounts. Corporate accounts will be able to purchase “seats” in bulk and swap out techs as needed on a monthly basis. I am excited about what I will be able to deliver on this new flexible, and powerful, platform.

All current users of Gearhead Network training products will be moved over and have access to all the upgraded training on the Gearhead School site at no additional cost. I will be sending out emails as soon as the site is completed, tested, and ready (target date is June 1, 2023).

Grant Swaim