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The automotive service industry is a great career choice for those that “check all the boxes”. Just being mechanically inclined isn’t good enough anymore. Those currently entering the industry also need strong electrical, electronic, networking, and diagnostic / reasoning skills. The ever growing complexity also means a technician needs to prepare for, and embrace, life-long learning. It is also important that upcoming techs make wise investments in their education, training, and field of expertise to ensure a rewarding career.

This guide covers the different types of careers such as: front end careers, shop careers, and even mobile diagnostics careers. The it covers all the shop types such as: general, brand specific, franchise, fleet operations, and new car dealership.

However, the most important information in this guide is on automotive training. You must make wise choices in education/training or you can end up with an inferior, non-transferrable education, that leaves you crippled with debt.

The guide also covers the ASE Certification Program in detail.

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