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Automotive Essentials Course (1 Year)


Course Overview

This course was designed to deliver a core level of automotive service & repair knowledge that would be beneficial to entry or mid level technicians and serious automotive hobbyists.

The 68 topic specific lessons are sorted into 13 categories as shown below. Click on each topic folder to see the the lessons which supports the "just-in-time" learning model.

Student support is offered in at least the following two ways:

  • Discussion Forum - At the bottom of each lesson is a built-in discussion forum. Students can use the forum to ask questions, or to comment, about the lesson's topic.
  • Livestreams - The site owner will schedule regular Livestream sessions to answer questions live.

View Course Structure and 13 Free Lessons

Click on the individual category folders below for details on the lessons. Note that most folders contain a free lesson. When you click on a free lesson, you will be prompted to start a preview account (there is no charge for this).